In an age where posers and wannabes want to clout you over the head with below par quality and brashness, Clark marches to his own drummer and is smart enough to realize that traditional blues can go a long way and still maintain a strong cult following for those who want to go to the clubs and have a good time. 

Review By Gary Weeks of 

For my first favorite, I almost chose Track 2 "Call Me Big Daddy", which essentially had a similar sound to "Lost And Found", but the selling point for me was the Harp playing of Anthony "Swamp Dog" Clark that kicked in around the 1:00 mark and brilliantly accentuated the remainder of this gem of a song. 
They Call Me Big Daddy 

Review by Blues Underground Network 

He's the real deal 

Charlie Sayles 

“Raw” is an album I have no problem Highly Recommending, especially for those of you whom are fans of superb blues harmonica playing, for which Anthony ‘Swamp Dog’ Clark’s is one of the best out there today. 

Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network) 

“Swamp Dog Shuffle” could not have a better name. The band pushes themselves to exceptional musical heights. “Hoochie Coochie Man” closes the album and was a fitting tribute to Muddy Waters. So an excellent album, no bells or whistles, in an atmosphere like you would want to experience it live. Authentic, and rich. Anthony “Swamp Dog” and “Blues Allstars” definitely deserve your attention! 

Review by Freddy Celis of Rootstime 

Clark has formed a blues band that is taking the Washington, DC Blues scene by storm, and forging his way to international recognition with his blues/funk blend. In a little over a year. Clark and The Blues Allstars have made a name as one of the tightest blues bands in the region. 

Michael Yoder Fly Magazine 

” On My visit to Chef Mac’s, “Swamp Dog” was taking it to the rooftops. And his audience was not sitting down, even those who could not stand up, found ways of doing the lap dance, without a lap dancer. 


Anthony puts on as ferocious of an attack on a harmonica equal to any put on by the instruments legends. 

Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro / Blues Editor @ 

Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark, blues entertainer, took the roof off the Chef Mac Restaurant last week on Harford Road with the “Down Home Blues. ”The music, man-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n! The music was out-of-sight. 

Rosa Pryor Baltimore African American Newspaper 

“If you have not seen Swam Dog and his band, you need to. They are a bad-ass funky blues band!!!” 

- JP Reali, Fan 

“I’m from Louisiana and I never thought I’d hear real blues–good blues–in DC. Y’all are all amazing musicians; I’ll definitely be coming out to hear you again…” 

-Sarah Kimmit, Fan