Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark takes his professionalism seriously, and realizes you’re dealing with many bands simultaneously. I want to make your life easier, and work toward building a lasting business relationship with your venue or event. Below are answers to questions normally asked by venues, and bookers to save you time. Contact me if you have any questions.

1. Stage Plot

Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark and the Blues Allstars are a seven member blues/funk band consisting of drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, trumpet, sax, and harmonica/vox.

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2. Touring
Anthony “Swamp Dog” and the Blues Allstars are based generally out of the Washington, DC area with a primary touring area of the Mid-Atlantic region.
3. Set Info & Live Show
I am available to play 3-4 sets of music approximately 45 minutes each. We play blues with a strong funk edge. The shows are energetic and party provoking.
4. Pricing Info
For a price, Contact me
5. Questions/Contact Us
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